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    Fade to black

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    Hiya everyone again

  • Listen

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    Hi I'm from India

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    are you live, person speaking right now?

  • Why the media keep refering to Nick Pope as an UFO expert shows that the "media" are on somebody's payroll

  • Yeah Linda Moulton howe what a legend

  • Don ecker yay

  • Would ask Preston to talk about the alien at the window looking at the baby?

  • I really like Preston dennett he knows is stuff

  • What up everybody

  • Evening all

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  • Hello everyone

  • Hey everyone

  • There is nothing the government can do. There are various types, but the primary "overseers" of our race are the grays. They are grooming us with DNA adjustments and other means so that we will be ready, mentally and socially, to embrace our own "local hive". We are at least 1000 years from that goal. Eventually, we will be able to connect to the All.

  • I, too, have had contacts throughout most of my 73 years, beginning when I was about 2. My first clearly remembered "incident" involved a "flying snake" that appeared to me outdoors. I say snake but it closely resembled the feathered serpent Quetzlcoatl. Age 5 was the most "intrusive" contact, where small greys took me on board a hovering craft and put a "bead" behind my left ear. Since then there have been several "routine" contacts where they come while I'm sleeping, wake me "under control" and leave "scoop marks".

  • great

  • Ive had enounters its no big deal that this exists. We are sorry that no one believes it.

  • since the goernment knows that we are not alone why dont they let us in on it?


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